The GCX project

GCX is an astronomical image processing and photometry application written in C using Gtk+-1.2, and provided under the Gnu General Public License. It was tested on Linux, FreeBSD and OS/X (using the X Window System).

An introduction to the program can be read here.

The User's Manual can be browsed online in html format, or downloaded as a pdf. Generally, the version in the source or binary packages is the latest.

GCX is distributed in source code; check the manual for build information. Starting from version 0.9.7, experimental Debian and rpm binary packages have been created. The author would like to hear about failures to install those on your system.

The related cpx3m CCD camera project page is located here.  Also check the filter wheel project and cpxctrl, the camera server used by gcx; the current version supports cpx3m cameras.

For results using test images with synthetic stars, check this page.

The project is listed on freshmeat at http://freshmeat.net/gcx. To receive news of new releases, you can subscribe there.

Screenshots (click on image for larger view)

Photometry Resources:

Worst-case differential airmass graph and discussion.

scint.txt                         A table of estimated scintillation noise values for various airmasses, telescope apertures and integration times.


Starting with version 0.9.7, the test data directory has been taken out of the source release, and can be downloaded from the link below. The program in source form as well as prebuilt .deb and .rpm i386 packages can be downloaded from the sourceforge project page. The latest version of the manual is also included in those packages.


gcx-data.tar.gz              Example data.

cpxctrl-0.2.5.tar.gz       Source tree of the camera server.

edb-catalogs.tar.gz        A few useful object catalogs in edb format.

Older Versions

gcx-0.9.6.tar.gz             Complete source code distribution, including documentation and example data.